OPCC Registration Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for programs?

Registration may be done online, in person or by fax. Payments online or by fax are by Visa and MasterCard only. To register in person or by fax, forms are available at our sites or on our website www.op-cc.ca . Payments may be made in person by cash, cheque, debit, Visa and MasterCard.

When do I register for programs?

OPCC has 4 registration seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. We will post on our website and send out notifications via email of upcoming registration dates prior to their start dates. Fall, Winter and Springtypically consist of two 6-week sessions each and Summer is split into two 4-week sessions. In order to receive email notifications, you can join our free email list .

How many programs can I register for at one time?

Space permitting, you may register for as many paid programs as you wish. In order foras many people as possible to benefit from our free programs, you are only permitted two spots in the free Parent & Tot programs and two spots in the free Parenting programs in any one season. If you have more than two children eligible for our free Parent & Tot programs, you will be allowed one spot per child, space permitting. Registration for the extrachild(ren)must be done by OPCC staff.

What if I don't have a family doctor?

We know it can be difficult to find a family doctor. Please include the name of the walk-in clinic that you typically visit and a name of a doctor at that clinic (e.g. Dr. Jones - Iroquois Ridge Medical Centre). Once you have acquired a family doctor, please advise OPCC's main office at 905-849-6366

Why do I need to identify an emergency contact?

In case of an emergency and we are unable to reach the primary contact, an alternate emergency contact is required.

What if I don't have a credit card?

If you want to register for a fee-based program, you must drop-off or mail your forms with payment. Forms will be processed when registration opens in indiscriminate order. If you are only registering for free programs, you do not need a credit card.

If I can't afford the program fee are subsidies available?

We would like all families to have the opportunity to participate in all of our programs. If you would like to discuss payment options available to you or if you require a fee subsidy, please call our main office at 905-849-6366 and speak to a manager.

Can my child with special needs attend programs?

OPCC takes pride in offering our programs to all children, newborn to 6 years, regardless of the level of their need. All children are welcomed into our programs and staff promotes inclusive social play and full participation in routines and activities in the classroom. Please fill out all necessary details when registering to ensure the best experience possible for your child.

Why didn't I get all the programs I requested?

We have to limit the numbers participating in programs to maintainour ratios of children to staff andbecause of room size. Programs may have filled to capacity before you tried to register. Online, you may place yourself on a waitlist and will be contacted if a space opens up.

You may have reached your limit of two spots in the free Parent & Tot programs and/or two free spots in the free Parenting programs.

Perhaps your child was the wrong age for this program.

Why can't I bring siblings into the classroom with my child for Parent & Tot programs?

Babies up to 3 months old may be worn by the parent in the classroom. For safety reasons, babies over 3 months must be placed in the nursery while the parent attends a Parent & Tot program with an older sibling. Also, for safety reasons, older siblings are not allowed in the classroom.

How do I cancel from a program? Will I receive a refund?

Since registration in any program is limited due to space and required staffing, we often have long waiting lists. Please cancel as soon as you know you will not be able to attend a program. This will allow us to give another family the opportunity to participate in the program.

You may cancel a program by contacting the main office.

Refunds and changes are only available if requested 5 business days before the start of the program. A $25 administration fee is charged for all refund and change request. This excludes Nursery School programs. There are no refunds for programs under $25. All refunds are issued by cheque including payments made by Visa and MasterCard.

Do I need to provide a snack for my child(ren)?

OPCC strives to be a nut free facility. Snacks are providedby OPCC for Just For Kids programs. Please make sure all allergy information and special instructions are up to date in your account. You will be contacted by OPCC staff before the start of the program for severe allergies requiring the use of an epi-pen.

You may bring a nut free snack for your child to drop-in programs. Please enjoy the snack with your child in the designated areas.

Does my child need to be toilet trained to attend Just For Kids programs?

No - Please let the teachers know what stage your child is at for consistency in their toileting routine. Please bring extra clothing in case of accidents.

Is outdoor play available?

OPCC does not have a designated outdoor play area. Occasionally staff maytake the children on short walks weather permitting.

Can another adult attend programs with my child(ren)?

Yes another responsible caregiver or adult may attend programs with your child as long as you have listed them in your account and registered them with the child.

What if I can't make a class?

If you are ill or will be absent from your program please contact our main office at 905-849-6366 or info@op-cc.ca as soon as possible. Families who are absent for more than 2 consecutive weeks without contacting OPCC may lose their space in the program.

What if I can't pick up my child at the end of program due to unforeseen circumstances?

If you are not able to pick up your child after a program, please call OPCC and identify yourself, your child, the programs he/she is attending and the person that will be picking up your child. Make sure the alternate adult brings proper identification. Your child will only be released to another person once they have provided proper identification.

Will OPCC administer medication?

OPCC will not administer any medication (prescription or non-prescription i.e.; Benadryl, Tempra, etc.), except in the event a child requires emergency medication in response to an allergic or life threatening condition. If your child has an epi-pen or rescue reliever inhaler, please contact OPCC's main office to complete the required forms. This package must be completed before your child can start in the program. If there are any changes in a child's medical condition, it is the parent's responsibility to contact OPCC immediately. OPCC, at the discretion of the Executive Director, may refuse to undertake responsibility for administering medications or procedures, which staff does not have the expertise to administer.

How do I know my information will be kept secure?

Payment information uses TD Canada Trust's Online Gateway. OPCC doesn't store credit card information on the database server. All transactions being processed through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of data transmission on the Internet.

Personal information is being kept in a password protected secure database. This database is monitored 24/7 to avoid SQL Injection .

What are the qualifications of OPCC staff?

Our staff is experienced, caring and have a love for supporting families. Many of our staff are Registered Early Childhood Educators and have trained for many years to develop skills and expertise in the field of childcare. Staffing ratios vary depending on the type of program and the age of the children. Our program staff is trained annually in CPR/First Aid.

What can I expect at OPCC?

You will learn and grow together. OPCC is a place to make friends, share ideas and build confidence. OPCC is the Ontario Early Years Centre for the Oakville community and is a leader in providing quality parent-child programs.

What if my child does not settle in a Just For Kids program?

OPCC staff is well trained and experienced and can deal with most difficult situations in a respectful, professional and calm manner. A parent will be contacted if the staff deems it necessary.

I would like to volunteer - how can I get more involved in OPCC?

There are lots of ways to get involved. Volunteers assist us in the office, classroomsand specialevents and on various committees. If you would like to learn more click here to connect to our volunteer application form.

How can I give back to the Centre? Can I make a donation? What do the donations support?

OPCC is a registered charity and relies on donations and fundraising to support things like fee subsidies, additional supports in the classroom for children with special needs and equipment purchases. You can click here to become an OPCC champion today. A tax receipt will be issued for monetary donations over $10. We also accept donations of gently used clothing, toys & equipment (newborn - size 7) for our Daisy's Duds store.