Enrichment Programs

Oakville Parent-Child Centre Enrichment classes, offer your child the opportunity to enhance development with access to our certified and specialized instructors. Together we will introduce your child to music, art, reading, and other forms of creative learning to give them a head start.

These programs also help you and your child, or the child you care for, build on your attachment, explore different types of movement or develop language and literacy skills – all while having a fun time out!

Musical Memories with Ms. Tanya

Join us in June with a series of special musical events designed just for you and your little ones.

Led by the talented Ms. Tanya, our Musical Memories programs will be filled with joyful songs, rhythmic rhymes, and heartwarming finger plays, creating precious memories filled with music, gratitude, and boundless love.

So mark your calendars, gather your little ones and get ready to create some musical memories together.

How to Register

Click the "Register Now" button
Select "Register for an Enrichment Program"
Select "In Person Music Program"
Select the Title of the music program you want to register for.


  • Time: 10-11 am
  • Location: 461 North Service Rd W., Unit 17
  • Program Fee: $54 child, program

Exploring Music
  • Age: 3 mons – 24 mons
  • Date: Mondays, June 3 - 17

Music at this stage of development is what can bridge strong connections. Learn to pick up on your child’s cues and experience the benefits of music!

Music in Bloom
  • Age: 6 mons – 5 years
  • Date: Wednesdays, June 5 - 17

Enrich your child with amazement and recharge mid-week! It’s time to connect with your child and experience the endless benefits of music!


  • Age Group: 3 months - 6 years
  • Time: 10-11 am
  • Location: 481 North Service Rd W., Unit 25
  • Program Fee: $25 child, program

Planes, Trains & Cars
  • Date: June 1

Let’s “travel” together and take a fast-paced, energetic musical journey as we discover the amusing sounds, exciting rhythms and lively spirit which upbeat modes of transportation creates.

Under the Sea
  • Date: June 8

Let’s “dive into the ocean” to celebrate music from under the sea. Together we will explore many sea creatures and while we sing, dance and play using our voices and musical instruments.

Celebrating all Daddies!
  • Date: June 15

We will incorporate a variety of hand-held musical instruments for everyone to use

as we sing, dance and make remarkable DAD-icated musical memories together!