OPCC Resources Kits

OPCC has developed a number of resource kits based on different topics that can be used to develop parenting skills, facilitate an activity for the family or develop a child's skills. 

Kit #1   Breastfeeding
Kit #2   Divorce
Kit #3   Spanish
Kit #4   Dads
Kit #5   Game Night – Preschool
Kit #6 Self Regulation
Kit #7   Emotions   
Kit #8   Cooking is Fun!    

Kit #9   Outdoor Fun!       
Kit #10  Potty Learning for Girls
Kit #11  Potty Learning for Boys
Kit #12  Chinese
Kit #13  Allergies
Kit #14 Families
Kit #15 Games Night – School Age
Kit #16 Loose Parts Play

Kit #17 Loose Parts Play
Kit #18 Family Yoga
Kit #19 Canada French & English
Kit#20 Sleep
Kit #21 Speech & Language
Kit #22 Sensory Processing
Kit#23  Mindfulness

Resource Kits may be borrowed for use at home with the family.  Kits may be borrowed for a 3 week time period and must be signed out with a credit card, and a signed agreement.  The kits are returned to the main location at 461 North Service Rd. The complete kit with all items returned will be documented and any charges will be cleared from a possible transaction. If an item is missing or the kit is not returned, the credit card on file will be charged for the outstanding value.  We know that everyone will take good care of these kits, so that many families will benefit from the wonderful resources.